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Ford and I met by chance in October 2015 when my father and I went to check out my brother's Mini Sprint that Ford was working on. When I was in high school, Ford ran away from home for the first time. Less than a year later, I went off to college and he moved back home. Before I moved to Ford's hometown, we were able to work long distances in short bursts. We like to race sprint cars and go kart. Ford is a talented crew member and I love being around him doing what he loves to do. In March 2019, we had our son Caden. We bought our first house a year later. It's amazing how fast this time has come and how we have grown and become stronger as a couple!
Shesaidyes is the best. My fiance loves this ring. We are impressed with the quality. It sparkled all day and all night. The ring will never lose its luster. We are very pleased with the quality and variety of rings on their website. We will definitely order our rings from here.Because of the pandemic, we chose to get engaged first, but will get married soon. We thank SSY for all that it has done.
When my boyfriend and I started talking about getting engaged and he asked me what my style was, I already knew exactly what I wanted! When I told him I didn't care about having a diamond ring, I really wanted a Moissanite ring. He was very hesitant at first, but only after some persuasion and explanation as to why diamonds weren't for me did he join in. I explained that I would rather pursue something that was not only beautiful, but would save us money for the future. I am so happy that we found Shesaidyes, he really picked out the perfect ring, we are very happy.After picking up our new puppy on the top of the hill, he got down on one knee and asked me, of course I said yes! Thanks SSY.
After extensive research, I came to really appreciate Moissanite. From diamonds, 4c, waist thickness, table percentage to the history of the diamond industry...... I was soon taken away by the Moissanite and couldn't stop Shouting at my friends and family!To me, it represents the most recent and significant advance in the field of jewelry; It can only be found naturally in meteors, and its overall optical properties are superior to diamonds. Most importantly, it is a huge financial investment in value and durability.I didn't hesitate to tell my boyfriend all the details I wanted in advance (at the time)! Thankfully, he likes this quality of me, and it keeps him from guessing, searching (and his wallet!).About six months later, he proposed in the most romantic way at the most unexpected time. I was shocked when he showed the ring, and of course, it was absolutely gorgeous! Our wedding is less than 2 months away and we will also be ordering our wedding rings from Shesaidyes.
This beautiful 6 claw ring did the trick! Taking my now fiancee on a trip to Texas, in a beautiful garden in the city, I got down on one knee and proposed. She said yes!She has been in love with the ring ever since. The clarity of the stone is perfect, and the amount of refraction it produces is amazing. We've had the ring for nine months now and we've never had any problems.
We live about five miles apart. We went to different schools very close to each other. When I was PROM king, she went to PROM at my school. I went to a sporting event at her school. We had some of the same friends and participated in many of the same activities. We think fate is waiting for the perfect moment for us to meet. As adults, we appreciate each other more and have lived our lives. Now that we've finally met, we're never going to let go.
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