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Express your romantic love. Inspired by inner love, Erotas collection is everything on the inside, low profile with delicate detailing. Every piece is a customized design to show your personality: either two-tone or yellow gold color. When you select this collection for her, you choose something far more than just a wedding ring. You make a statement; you express your intense love for her, the solemn and dignified vows you make to love her forever.
Like Aurora, they are diverse, colorful, different in shape, and very beautiful. Aurora Collection allows you to be your own jewelry designer,enables you to add your choice to the ring with colors and styles to suit your taste, mood, and outfit. Bravo! Your unique style is easy to achieve with our Aurora jewelry.
Create Your Own Jewelry
SHE·SAID·YES experts will work together with you to develop a unique design
that reflects your vision and budget.
The Guide To Moissanite
SHE·SAID·YES is committed to providing top-quality Moissanite and colored gemstones
purchased by the principles of safe working conditions and environmental responsibility.
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“My husband got me the most
gorgeous ring! love it!”
Lemon S.